Knowing your customers and making the connection with them more personal is essential for every business nowadays. Having a large database with customers is nothing if you don’t use it right. To help you manage your customers in the most efficient way we have created the Customer Type and Subtype options. You can use them to easily keep track of clients with preferential status or specific discounts.

GymRealm will simplify your communication with your clients by informing them about your memberships, promotions and new services. Targeting members for a marketing campaign can be easily done with Customer Types or through the filters in the Report Module. If you implement a Loyalty Program our software will keep up to date record of all points awarded to any member in your database.

GymRealm provides you with more than 25 different settings for your memberships, everything from the duration of the membership to the fee of the instructor! Set them up according to your gym’s rules. Your receptionists will only have to click the “Mark a Visit” button. Or install an access control system and GymRealm will automatically check if the client has an active membership and should be allowed in. To accommodate all your clients needs, you have the option of manually adjusting the membership by adding more days or visits to it, suspending it for a period of time, transferring it to another customer and many many more. 

Our software offers you a great variety of tools to keep your schedule always up to date. Book and manage sessions, events and recurring appointments with ease.

The Schedule module allows your receptionists to set up appointments and your customers to book online sessions for your gym. GymRealm will monitor the gym’s capacity to avoid overbooking or overlapping of identical events.

The easiest and most common way nowadays to measure success is with figures. GymRealm gives you more than 40 reports full of them.  Check them regularly and see where you’ve done well and what can be improved. With our reports you will have detailed information about the financial, marketing and operational aspects of your business wherever you are.

Sell Products, Memberships, Single Visits, Packages and Vouchers easily with our POS module.

A key part of the gym is its reception. The customers just hate it when they have to wait. Nervous clients may cause the receptionists to make a lot of mistakes as well as to violate the gym’s policy. With GymRealm Management Software everything is divided in categories for easier navigation. The services and products are setup by you and your receptionists will only have to click the “Sell” button. The POS module can work with fiscal and non-fiscal printers and thus manages the whole process of a sale. Each sale is recorded in the database for you to review later.

The access control system will greatly optimize your work process and increase the security level in your sport center. Our software is directly connected to the hardware. The door readers will allow only those, who purchased a membership or a single visit. You can divide your sport center into more areas and GymRealm will give access only to the ones you choose.  

In the 21st century the digital security is one of the biggest issues for most businesses. Viruses and hacker attacks can bring down a business in minutes. Data leaks through disloyal employees may give your competition an unfair advantage resulting in the loss of many customers. 

With our software your data will stored safely in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Only you can have access to the customers database. Viruses and hacker attacks may harm your computer, but your data will remain safe and accessible from another device.  

Winning new customers is obligatory for every business. However this is only the first step for a long-term success. Keeping your customers loyal is what ensures steady income. Our software will give you the right tools for this purpose. Keep your customers informed about their memberships, any future promotions and send them small presents as a reward for their loyalty. Just setup GymRealm once and it will send automated e-mails to your clients.

With the web technologies constantly evolving, it is no longer enough to only have an informational website about your gym. Indulge your customers by offering them an online reservation form on your web site. Allow them to get information about their remaining visits, the people currently in the gym, your schedule and many more through a modern and mobile friendly website.

Our consultants and support representatives are always there for you. Depending on the payment plan you chose, your problems will be solved asap. We won’t leave a question unanswered.

Another great thing about the cloud-based software systems is that you can access your database from everywhere in the world, as long as you are connected to the Internet. Download the desktop application on your computer to see full information about what is happening in your gym while you are gone. Use your web account to only see the overall results. Or just set GymRealm to send you e-mails with the information every morning to review while drinking your coffee.

We know that most sport centers sell beverages, sports gear and supplements to their customers. Some even have small restaurants. That is why we created the Products and Restocking modules for you.

Create your products in the Products Module with just a few clicks and your staff will be able to easily sell them through the POS Module. Create recipes to automate the reporting of the consumables.

When restocking a product, report that through the Restocking module and the software will automatically update the quantities of your products. GymRealm will check and let you know if you are running low on something. Get detailed information about your stocks from our reports.  

Instructors are among the most important employees of a sport center. Their remuneration is most often determined by a bonus system.

GymRealm allows you to setup a very detailed bonus system for your instructors. It also provides a report for them where they can check their accumulated bonus in real time.