GymRealm Features

Our gym management software is packed with powerful features to help you streamline your gym’s operations and provide the best experience for your members. With automated membership renewals, fully integrated access control, waiver system, booking and scheduling, you’ll have everything you need to take your gym to the next level. Plus, our user-friendly interface makes it easy for you and your staff to get started right away. Try it out today and see the difference for yourself!

  • Powerful Point of Sale

    Easy to use and touch friendly. The system is integrated with barcode scanners and payment terminals to speed up the process, reduce staff errors and remove the queues on reception. A key part of the gym is its reception. The customers just hate it when they have to wait. Nervous clients may cause the receptionists to make a lot of mistakes as well as to violate the gym’s policy. With GymRealm Management Software everything is divided into categories for easier navigation. The services and products are set up by you and your receptionists will only have to click the “Sell” button. The POS module can work with fiscal and non-fiscal printers and thus manages the whole process of a sale. Each sale is recorded in the database for you to review later.

  • Digital waivers

    Simple and fast system to collect all the necessary customer information. All the waivers are mobile friendly and can be used on any device. Supporting multiple different languages and custom translation. No more matching customer profiles with signed waivers. Our process is fully integrated and the document is assigned to the correct profile and can be used on POS right away.

  • Customer management

    Collect full information about your clients with pictures, documents, waivers, specific fields and payment information. Create group profiles or assign different categories depending on customer status. Customers can obtain loyalty points and purchase products based on your rules.

  • Membership tracking

    GymRealm provides you with more than 25 different settings for your memberships, everything from the duration of the membership to the fee of the instructor! Set them up according to your gym’s rules. Your receptionists will only have to click the “Mark a Visit” button. Or install an access control system and GymRealm will automatically check if the client has an active membership and should be allowed in. To accommodate all your clients needs, you have the option of manually adjusting the membership by adding more days or visits to it, suspending it for a period of time, transferring it to another customer or creating a family profile. Our software supports shared memberships between members and custom payment plans.

  • Schedule

    Our software offers you a great variety of tools to keep your schedule always up to date. Book and manage sessions, events and recurring appointments with ease.The Schedule module allows your receptionists to set up appointments and your customers to book online sessions for your gym. GymRealm will monitor the gym’s capacity to avoid overbooking or overlapping of identical events

  • Customers portal

    The online portal is a software interface that gives customers complete visibility into their interactions with your facility. Clients can purchase a new membership, check their waiver or book a class. The portal can be branded with colors matching your website.

  • Events booking

    Branded booking experience for parties or special events. Our events booking system is designed to follow a complex set of rules so you can use the potential of your facility. No more overbooking or mistakes. Keep everything on track and organized.

  • Reporting

    With more than 40 different reports GymRealm Manager gives full information about your business. Each report can be filtered and exported to excel for further changes.

  • Access control

    Our software is fully integrated with RFID readers, Barcode scanners, face recognition cameras and turnstiles. Memberships are automatically activated so your customer can self check in to reduce queues on reception. The software supports different areas so you can restrict customers based on time or area.The access control system will greatly optimize your work process and increase the security level in your sport center. Our software is directly connected to the hardware. The door readers will allow only those, who purchased a membership or a single visit.

  • Class booking

    Attendees can view schedules in real-time, sign up and pay for a class from anywhere, anytime. Supporting waiting lists and notifications. The schedule can be embedded into your website or used directly into the customers portal. Clients can pay online or with their membership from any device.

  • Instructor bonus system

    Instructors are among the most important employees of a sport center. Their remuneration is most often determined by a bonus system.GymRealm allows you to set up a very detailed bonus system for your instructors. It also provides a report for them where they can check their accumulated bonus in real time.

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We work with the most reliable and secure payment providers so you can have peace of mind when paying at the facility or booking online.

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We pride ourselves on offering the best access control solutions on the market. That’s why we partner with the industry’s leading companies to provide our customers with the latest technology and most advanced products.