GymRealm ChangeLog v1.0.0.2294

Hello everyone,

We have just released a new version of GymRealm. When you start the software, a message will pop up saying that you need to update. Click OK. If you skipped the update, please download the new version from:

Just download and install it.

You will know that the software updated when you look at the bottom right corner of the main window – you should see a small number there: v1.0.0.2276. If the number is something else, please download the new version and restart the software. If you cannot update for some reason, please write me in Skype.

With update v1.0.0.2276 of the GymRealm Manger we have added some new features to improve your business management.

⦁ Now module “Clients” can be accessed from “Point of Sale” module, there you can find a new tab called “Membership” which is the same as “Clients”.

⦁ When events are booked from “Events Management” module it will not allow you to book an event outside the working time schedule of the area selected.

⦁ Bug fixed when the software automatically adds discounts when visit is sold from “Open Bill” module.

⦁ Online booking update now allows to have different booking hours for different days of the week.

⦁ When sending emails to multiple clients and if some of them have invalid emails you will get a pop-up showing the clients who will not receive emails.

⦁ When transferring information from one client to another from module “Clients” will transfer the “documents” will all the other information.

⦁ In module “Events Management” making an appointment outside working hours will give you a warning.

⦁ “Events Management” module won’t allow your down payment to be bigger than amount due.

⦁ Comments typed when selling an item will be printed from the POS billing machine.

⦁ New feature is added you can now mark visits before the membership card is sold. To enable this option, you must open “Settings” in the Settings module, go to tab “Sales” and turn on “Allow checking in with unpaid membership”. When you sell a membership card in module “Clients” but it is not payed you will see a PAY button and a Mark Visit button next to it.

⦁ Open bill visit for witch you need a waiver can’t be sold to customers without waiver.

⦁ New online waiver system with better customization option for multiple waivers and languages. After signing a waiver clients can be categories into client subtypes.

⦁ Waivers can be valid for set number of months and when they expire the client will have to sign a new one.

⦁ Problem solved in witch “Monthly Report” wont account for the full month in rare instances.

⦁ Fixed a bug when sometimes the Rent icon doesn’t disappear after a client has returned an item.

⦁ Performance and stability improvements when dealing with large number of clients.

⦁ When you right click on a client in the Event Management you will have new option “Transfer to another client” which will work in the same way as the “Transfer” button in the “edit clients” menu. It will transfer all the history (memberships, purchases, visits and etc.) from the selected client “A” to a different client “B” you will select from a popup window. All the client information of client “B” (phone, email, address etc.) will remain the same only the purchase history of client “A” will be added and client “A” deleted.

⦁ In module “Day Report” when printing a “Detailed” report now you have two cells. “Payed by vouchers” which will display all the products, services, visits etc., bought with vouchers for the given period and “Total Vouchers” which will display all the vouchers that are sold.